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  • Vicki Barbolak

Shelby asked for advice to someone doing their first stand up?

The most important thing is to know that this first performance means absolutely nothing to your future as a Stand up.  In that, I mean that the outcome has no influence on your future.  You may bomb, or kill or land in between, it will not make any difference to who you are as a comedian in the future, if you choose to become one.  

Your future as a comedian will be determined by the hours you spend driving to gigs in bars far from your home for $25.00 gas money-- if your lucky, a free drink, or an invitation never to return. It will be determined by not stopping when it makes sense that you should, and by celebrating the moments on the stage when you feel like you and the whole room could take flight together.

Your future It will be determined by how "Stand up " (insert any creative endeavor here) challenges you and frustrates you and enchants you as you battle and glide through the many years it takes to become a Master. 

What this first performance does mean to you, is that you have begun.  Congratulations, think a moment about the relationship you are about to have with the audience, they are not there to judge you,  they are there to share some time with you and hear 'You' and hear what about you resonates in them.

Good luck and don't be afraid to bomb, you probably won't bomb your first time, but hopefully it will be soon!

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