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What happened when you left the show? What was your first serious/expense?

Tara Ann wants to know, what happened when you left the show? Like, how does fame happen? What was your first serious/expensive purchase you made after the show when you realized that you didn’t have to directly look at the price tag on everything you picked up anymore? Any celebrity real friend(s)?

Hi Tara Ann,

Thank you for writing! The first thing that happened was I got big fancy talent Agents in Beverly Hills and they began booking the "Trailer Nasty Tour" all over the U.S. and Canada. 

I did buy one thing that I never could have bought before AGT. It was a Go Kart for my grandsons. I gave it to them for Christmas and makes me so happy to see them riding around in it. We still live in our beautiful trailer and I still live simply because there were twenty years when we barely got by and I continue to be finding ways to make a dollar holler!

I love doing the shows and meeting people who saw me on AGT as I travel everywhere.  I am so grateful when people tell me they like my comedy.  I'm looking forward to the projects that are on the horizon and I just like before I became successful as a Comedian I am happy each day because I have a wonderful family and get to live a creative life!

Love, Vicki Barbolak

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