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Do you really live in a trailer?

I am so surprised when people ask me if I really live in a trailer!  Come on, look at me.  If I said I lived in a gated Country Club community, I could see that people would not believe that. I love the Southern California Coastal Trailer Lifestyle and I just bought the second best trailer in my Park.  It 1500 square feet with two huge decks and it sits on the top of the hill and I look down on all of the other trailers.  Now I know how it feels to be a Kardashian.  The best trailer in my Park, is way out of my price range, it sits right on the fake lake in the middle of our park.  I call it the Taj-Ma-Trailer and even if I never get to buy it, I enjoy dreaming about it.

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1 Comment

Karen Kelly
May 27, 2019

Does a famous person own the best trailer in the park, or a normal "Joe and Jane"?

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