Trailer Nasty Bumper (2-pack)

Trailer Nasty Bumper (2-pack)

Get your very own Trailer Nasty bumper sticker to proudly display on your car, truck or trailer. Comes 2 to a pack, share with a friend or get real trailer nasty and put one on the front and rear bumper. Measures 3.75 X 7.5

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    Shipping via ground is included. We do not provide returns or refunds unless the product is damaged during shipping as we ensure safe packaging of our products by hand in my trailer. 


    Please note: Bumper stickers have been in HUGE DEMAND and are backordered until APRIL 12th. Shipping is included and is sent via ground shipping.  Typically takes 5-7 business days to arrive. When we can we try and put multiple products into one package to save money for everyone as well as be a bit more green for the earth as well.