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Vicki Barbolak The comedian on the shoe-licker of Ybor, Mitzi Shore and owning a mobile wedding van

Boiseans, lock up your husbands: Vicki Barbolak is coming to town. On Thursday, June 6, the America's Got Talent top-10 finalist will bring her Trailer Nasty Tour to The Egyptian Theatre (brought to Boise, in part, by Boise Weekly), but before there's a rush on tickets, folks should know a few things about Barbolak.

For starters, she's a late-comer to comedy, getting her start in her early 40s and ending up under the wing of the legendary Mitzi Shore of Los Angeles' The Comedy Store.

For seconds, she hasn't given up her favorite side-gig: running a mobile wedding and vow-renewal van.

BW caught up with her while she was performing in Boca Raton, Florida, and we decided to give our readers a look at their bride before they kiss her.

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