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Trailer Palooza Tour is back on the road!

Hello I hope everyone is having a Trailerific Summer!

After so long being closed up inside, though I know we are told to be cautious, I can’t stop hugging everyone I see. My apologies to the guy at the donut shop who dropped his maple bar when I squeezed him too tightly. With State restrictions lifted, I have been able to perform at the magical World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood for the last few weekends. I’m sharing the stage with amazing comedians and feel so darn lucky to be on that sacred stage! My Trailer Palooza tour is back, please keep checking my website, we are adding new dates weekly. Lou and I had a blast last weekend in Sacramento at the Punchline. The audiences were awesome and some cool Sac people took me kayaking on a river that actually ended up at Folsom State Prison. Of course I scurried up the side of the riverbank to the Prison for a conjugal visit, but sadly, once again, was turned away by guards because I didn’t actually know anyone in the prison. MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS - FREE If I am nothing else, I am living proof that dreams do come true if we keep the faith! I am taping my Comedy Special ‘Trailer Park Trophy Wife’ on Monday August 9th at the Notoriety Theater in Las Vegas. I cannot believe how many people are coming from across the Country to see the taping, thank each and every one of you! My heart is truly filled with gratitude. If you or any of your friends can join us please email for complimentary tickets.

There will be two shows one at 7:00pm one at 9:45pm. Just let me know which show and how many people in the party. JIMMY UPdate and more On a personal note Jimmy is pretty much retired from travel involving airplanes, as he is now between 14 and 16 and only one of us in the family can have accidents in the airport! I want to offer my thanks to Autism Tree Family for facilitating a wonderful Summer beach camp for my grandsons! Also, am thrilled to announce that my youngest daughter Lily, is expecting a baby Girl in January! My Grandson Ben, who is 10 and already designing clothes, and I are busy sewing little animal print baby clothes! I know many of you lost friends and family, as did I, during the pandemic. As we move forward, we keep them in our hearts and remember them with fondness and whenever possible laughter. I’m sending love to everyone. I hope to see you this year on the road! If you ever want to ask me anything directly, please use the Ask Vicki button on my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers! Vicki

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