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See Vicki Barbolak slay on America’s Got Talent: Champions, as the crowd was with her

8th January 2019 by April Neale

In tonight’s Champions edition of America’s Got Talent, we got a great six-minute set and a recollection of “Trailer Nasty” Vicki Barbolak’s AGT journey and it was glorious.

“I’ve got a crush on you,” said Simon to Vicki in a past moment, then we saw her shine again on stage.

Mind you, the feeling is mutual as Vicki told us in an exclusive interview that her crush was on Simon, with “his pillows of perfection” shoulders.

Noted, and we loved how Vicki brought it home tonight.

After Simon beamed at her triumphant return and Howie noted how they all saw her giant tour billboards in Vegas. She really has made it!

Then Vicki blew the doors off the room as she was escorted out by two hunks and began her Champions set.

“So, I just bought the second best trailer in my trailer park, yeah! I’ve been wanting for years now that I am on AGT I got a tour, I could buy it and I bought it!

“So I think I gotta buy a second trailer in LA, yeah cuz I’m here so much. I’m going around these fancy streets in LA… I’m walking down Rodeo Drive and there’s these skinny rich people walking their dogs.

“And my trailer is on the tippy top of the hill and I look down on all the other trailers… yeah I know! Now I know what it feels like to be Kardashian!”

“Gary Busey is more attractive than that dog! You know how they say people look like their dogs? I don’t want to look like my dog, okay? I want a beautiful dog. Okay? You know? Now that I’m thinking about LA, I’m thinking maybe I’ll get me a little celebrity dog.”

Vicki then shares her trip to Beverly Hills in a bid to adopt a pretty dog.

“So I go to Beverly Hills to the fancy shelter, right? And this dog was so pretty it had long blonde fur and it actually barked with a French accent, but as soon as these shelter people found out that I lived in a trailer…they’re not giving me that dog, you know?”

“No! They’re like, ‘you know Vicki, a dog is a very expensive responsibility if it gets in an accident that could cost upwards of $5,000, are you prepared to pay that Vicki?”

“I’m like no. ‘You know well you know Vicki you have to think of it as if it’s your daughter, you know? If your daughter was an accident…'”

“If my daughter was involved in an accident, god forbid, I would have to sit her down and say Lily, you’re gonna have to limp a little!”

Make sure to watch next Monday night as we see who progresses, as singer Susan Boyle is heading to the finals, with one spot left for the other nine acts in Monday’s premiere.

SPOILER ALERT: Comedian Preacher Lawson was revealed as the other act to move ahead.

So not “Trailer Nasty,” but we love Barbolak and have a strong suspicion we will be seeing her on TV in her own series soon!

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