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  • Vicki Barbolak

Todd asks, Vicki is it better to just try to get thru 5 minutes or work on better material at first?

All I can say is I lean towards getting on stage as much as possible . Do not expect or try to have great sets.  I think when we start we should just try and get our "comedy stage legs" under us.  

We are different people on stage and off stage and eventually we merge into more of a closeness between the two as we continue exploring what is our own truth and our own way of bringing laughter. 

So to be as clear as possible, don't wait for perfect material! Just be you and say some stuff that's funny to you and see if they laugh then keep tweeking the jokes and stories until you hear them laughing.  No rush, just do it and do it as often as you possibly can.

Much love, Vicki

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