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She came to fame on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Now she’s coming to Richland

Vicki Barbolak, seen here in this screen grab of one of her performances on “America’s Got Talent,” is coming to Jokers Comedy Club in Richland on Nov. 18. NBC


A comedian who made audiences bust up laughing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” this past season is coming to do the same in Richland.

Vicki Barbolak, who ranked in the top 10 this year on ATG, will be at Jokers Comedy Club on Nov. 18.

Barbolak, 60, jokes about her “trailer nasty” tips for attracting the opposite sex, how it’s a crime to even talk about having grandchildren and having her dad’s 80th birthday party at Hooters, according to ATG’s fan-run wikipedia.

“Vicki’s comedy reflects life as a mom, her many marriages and her love of the Southern California trailer park lifestyle,” according to her bio on

“She was named a member of Jay Leno’s NBC Laugh Squad, won Funniest Mom in America on Nick at Nite and was featured by E! Television as the Next Breakout Star to come from The Comedy Store,” her bio states

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