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FAN EDITION: 61 reasons to Never Give Up On Your Dreams

This week's reason to #NeverGiveUpOnYourDreams comes from Joe Denan who wins 2 tickets to one of my shows.

Hello. I am 52 years old. In September of 2018 I had robotic bypass surgery. During that time after taking routine blood tests they discovered that I had AML Leukemia.

As you can imagine the news was a shock. I was hospitalized almost immediately for 8 weeks while I received intensive chemotherapy treatment. The next step was a bone marrow stem cell transplant. I needed to find a donor. Friends and family stepped up and I was fortunate that my younger sister was a perfect 10/10 match. Rare but the best match you could have.

I went back in the hospital for a month in February for the transplant and more chemotherapy. I was released on a strict 100 days worth of restrictions. I needed a mask and gloves to go anywhere. I was not allowed to go to restaurants or be around children or to even hug my five dogs.

It was tough. I was sick most of the time and lost over 50 pounds. I never gave up. Last week was my 100 days and I’m doing much better. Next week I will find out the results of my bone marrow biopsy and know if the transplant was successful.

Laughter and music played a big part in my recovery. I was fortunate enough to build a friendship with Joan Rivers and though I miss her dearly I have many videos of her live shows. You remind me of her comedic genius. Your AGT videos and daily posts always put a smile on my face. So my dreams will continue to come true. I’m NOT giving up and I will win this fight.


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