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Big Girls Don't Cry Episode 5: High School Stories | guest cohost, Vicki's daughter Emily

Join Vicki Barbolak from America's Got Talent and her daughter, Emily for this week's Big Girls Don't Cry Episode. Tune in Wednesdays at 6p/8c/9e and then watch on YouTube or listen where you get your favorite Podcasts like Uncle Joey and The Church.

Next Week on Episode 6: Have you ever been fat shamed?

We are going to be talking about it next week. A lot of people are saying it's not ok to be fat, quit showing off fatties. Shameful! Sad!

Have you been shamed about wearing something that people thought only this people should wear?

Have you been called lazy or mentally ill because you are overweight?

Have you been discriminated agains for employment because of your weight?

Did close relatives ever fat shame you publicly or in private?

How do you focus on your own positive feelings about your body when you are criticized?

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