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  • Vicki Barbolak

Angela asks, what made you start comedy? How did the animal prints start, what the significance?

Hi Angela,

I started Stand Up Comedy by taking a class from Pauly Shore's Sister, Sandy Shore. 

Sandy recently passed away, she believed in me right from the start and I will always be grateful to her.  Later her Mother, my dear Mentor Mitzi Shore, took me under her wing at the Hollywood Comedy Store and that was the beginning of me becoming a professional comedian.  

I was always a fat little kid and I used humor as a defense when I was young, I got the fat joke out first and it was funniest so there was no need to tease me because I just did it better than anyone else could.

As far as my clothing, I love animal prints because I think they are sexy!  Also, to be really honest, a lot of people after shows would say "I liked the Fat Chick."

I thought if I could redirect the language to "I liked the lady in the leopard dress."

It made me feel better to hear that and sometimes there were two fat chicks on a show and now I could know if they were talking about me or the other broad!

Cheers, Vicki

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