Big Girls Don't Cry

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The show celebrates the beauty in all of us! With an emphasis on making the most out of being a curvy girl, Vicki welcomes skinnies and fellas with open arms and a ham sandwich! Real life hacks and practical advice, but expect more impractical and wacky advice lovingly shared! Co-host, the hilarious Amber Rose and comedian Mike Vinn as their on set producer.

Adventures with Vicki

Keep tabs on where in the world Vicki is and what she is up to. Check back frequently to see where she is next and what mischief she is getting in to. If you see Vicki go up to her and say "HELLO" and you might just win some tickets to one of her shows.

Live Performances

Watch some of Vicki's top live performances. on America's Got Talent,  AGT's Champions, and More


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