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Trailer Talk

Vicki gives advice and introduces you to her wild and wacky life!

After taking her first comedy class at 38, Vicki spent the next 20+ years honing her craft and being told, "you're too old; you're too fat; you don't have the right look." Vicki got her big break when she auditioned to be on America's Got Talent in March 2018. She made it and finished in the top 10. Now, Vicki's touring the world bringing laughter to people everywhere.

Adventures with Vicki

Keep tabs on where in the world Vicki is and what she is up to. Check back frequently to see where she is next and what mischief she is getting in to. If you see Vicki go up to her and say "HELLO" and you might just win some tickets to one of her shows.

Live Performances

Watch some of Vicki's top live performances. on America's Got Talent,  AGT's Champions, and More